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About Janice

I'm passionate and results driven when it comes to helping women solve their style and wardrobe challenges.

Trained in New York by celebrity stylist Stacy London of What Not To Wear€, Janice'€™s straightforward approach is fun, easy to understand and gets results FAST.

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I'm not a "one size fits all" consultant.  Each and every client I work with receives a customized consultation based on her unique style, wardrobe and/or image requirements.  

Already know your best colours?  No problem, we won't focus on that.  Need extra help with choosing styles for your body shape and size? Check ... we'll spend a lot of time on that. Or maybe you want to focus on mixing and matching and accessorizing.  Or maybe you want a little or a lot of everything.  I can customize that just for you at no additional charge.

Below are a few of the popular services I provide.  For a complete, detailed outline of how I can help you with your style and wardrobe needs, click on SERVICES on the home menu or click here.

Create your Dream Wardrobe AND Save Money

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First, discover your true personal style. Mix and match like a pro to achieve the put-together look you've always wanted.

Then I'll provide a written, customized wardrobe strategy. Never again buy clothes you don't need or won't wear.


Eliminate Frustration Shopping & Trying on Clothes

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You're not alone if you resist shopping. But that doesn't mean you don't want to look stylishly put together.  

I take the "hit and miss" out of shopping by teaching you how to shop strategically for outfits, not bits and pieces. 


Your Appearance can be Your Competitive Edge


You have a choice.  You have the choice to do nothing about your professional image and instead, spend time trying to convince people you are a professional.

Or you can look like a professional and stand out in a sea of business casual.