Stacy London back on TLC

I was miserable when “What Not To Wear” ended.  I learned so much from my style guru.  So obviously I’m thrilled that celebrity stylist Stacy London has returned to TLC with a new makeover show.  

Love, Lust or Run.

Following is an excerpt from the TV show’s website:

In every episode of “Love, Lust or Run,” women with major fashion issues turn to style guru Stacy London for help in turning their over-the-top looks from disaster to “Damn, girl!”

Stacy shows them the impact their fashion choices are making on their day-to-day life and perception by asking random strangers to rate their style as “Love,” “Lust,” or “Run.”

Each woman will have to strip off her hair extensions, wild clothes and outrageous makeup to start from scratch. Once they are a blank slate, Stacy will guide these women through a transformative makeunder, changing each woman’s look and, just maybe, her life!

Check your local TV listing to find out when it shows in your area.  And check out the Love, Lust or Run website for Stacy’s 2015 style tips and more.

Stacy Lon

Why Doesn’t Anything Fit Me?

The Problem Isn’t Your Body.

Do you ever wonder why you have a tough time finding clothes to fit?  It’s simple.  The majority of clothes aren’t made for the average women.

Glance over the women’s clothes in the Bay, for example, and you’ll soon notice that the majority of the floor space is dedicated to average sizes while petite and plus sizes are tucked away (usually off the beaten path or even in hard-to-find places) taking up very little space in comparison to the rest of the clothes.  In most stores, there simply are no Plus or Petite sizes.

Here a few statistics that may surprise you; numbers will vary depending upon who organized the numbers, but generally, they’re in the same ball park.



The following are average statistics for females in the USA over 20

Height             5’3”

Weight:          163

Waist:             37.5

National Center for Health Statistics (2007 – 2010)



A study of the shapes of over 6,000 women, carried out by researchers at the North Carolina State University circa 2005, found that:

Banana (H) = 46% (Shoulders & Hips equal width)

Pear (A) = just over 20% (Hips wider than shoulders)

Apple (O) = just under 14% (Stomach area larger than shoulders & hips)

Hourglass (X) = 8% (Shoulders and Hips equal width with a very defined waist)




60% of women identify themselves as Plus Size according to the Huffington Post

Yet less than 10% of floor space is dedicated to specialty sizes.  

If you’re interested in reading more about why there are less clothes for Plus Size women even though up to 60% of the (American) population needs these sizes, the NY Times has a very interesting article. 

If you don’t care to read it, in a nutshell:

“Thin people are more like one another; heavier people are less like one another. With more weight comes more variation. “You’ll have some people who gain weight entirely in their trunk, some people who will gain it in their hips,” Fasanella continued. “As someone getting into plus-size, you can either make clothing that is shapeless and avoid the question altogether or target a segment of the market that, let’s say, favors a woman who gets larger in the hip. You really have to narrow down your customer.” A designer must then find a fit model who represents that type and develop a pattern around her. But even within the subcategories, there are levels of differentiation. “Armholes are an issue,” Fasanella told me, by way of example. “If you have decided to go after the woman who is top-heavy, well, some gain weight in their upper arms and some do not. There are so many variables; you never win.”



Likewise, Petite sized women have a tough time finding stylish clothes especially if the petite woman is under a size 6.  Often they have to resort to buying clothes from stores for teens which doesn’t suit their adult needs.

According to Bella Petite, 70% of females fall into the petite sizing category (under 5’4” or under 5’3, depending upon which sizing standards you refer to).

Bella Petite adds that the “modeling industry and clothing designers (are) catering to a market representing only a mere three percent of women at 5′9″ and above here in the United States.” 



  • Shop in different stores to experiment with different brands.  Be prepared to try on LOTS of clothes.
  • Fit the largest area then have the item tailored for a perfect fit.
  • Have clothes tailor made … it’s truly worth the investment.  You’ll own much less but you’ll absolutely love everything you wear.  Plus, you get to pick the fabric, print, colour and more.  You’ll own a one-of-a kind item.  A custom made pencil skirt starts at $40 (plus fabric) and a dress can be made for under $100 (plus fabric).  TRULY WORTH EVERY PENNY!
  • Talk to me!  Contact me using the pop-up form.

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6 Key Style Tips

6 Key Style Tips

Regardless of your body shape, size or proportions, there are 6 key elements that apply to every woman who is looking for the perfect put-together look.


1.  Undergarments

If everything about your outfit is right but your undergarments are showing, causing bulges or creating lines, then they will detract from your otherwise perfect outfit.

  • After dressing, look at yourself in the mirror from head to toe and from every angle – front back and sides.
  • If necessary, take your outfit to the undergarment section and try on different bras, panties and shapewear to see what works the best under it.


2.  Fit

The same goes for fit.  An ill fitting piece, even the shoes, can ruin the look of the overall outfit.  But sometimes the right fit is hard to find. I often hear my clients say, “I can never find anything that fits.”

The number one solution to fit is buy a garment that fits the widest/largest part of you and then have a seamstress alter the garment to fit the rest of you.  For example, if you have wide hips and a smaller waist, buy a pencil skirt to fit your hips, then have the waist taken in.

The number two solution to fit is to wear something fitted!  When you wear baggy clothes in an attempt to hide body parts or your size, you are actually adding pounds to your shape.  Fitted styles will make a huge difference in your overall style and look especially for plus size women.


3.  Colour

We all know that black recedes and white advances so we are drawn to black or darker colours to “hide” our flaws and  “decrease ” our size.

But did you know that colour and patterns can do the same thing.  Patterns can camouflage better than black and make you appear thinner than dark colours.


4.  Fashion Trends

If you are a fashionista, then you are always on the lookout for the latest trends.  Fashion is fun for sure.  But not every body shape, size, age, etc. can wear every trend so be careful when choosing fashions.

If your body just cannot handle a certain trend, then try to incorporate the latest fad in your accessories.   The latest shoes on the runway can update a simple outfit very easily and affordably.


5.  Accessories

As mentioned above, accessories are a great way to bring an outfit up to date.  Using shoes, purses, jewellery and more, you can add:

  • colour
  • pattern
  • texture

You can also take an outfit from day to evening just by adding a pair of stilettoes or glamorous jewellery.


Don’t forget about your eyewear.  Glasses are an accessory so keep them up to date.  Nothing can outdate a look quicker than a pair of out of style glasses.


6.  Hair and Makeup

Stay current.  Period.  If you’re wearing the same haircut you wore in high school, then it’s time for a new do.  Same goes for makeup.  Even if your style is the classic bob, you need to keep that bob current.


arrow down pink

Do you have any questions?  Or tell me about your favourite style tip in the comment section below.


5 Steps to Create a Mix and Match Wardrobe

My clients often ask me:  “How do you know what to put with what?”

My easy answer is this:

  1. Choose a piece of clothing or an accessory with a print that you love; it could be a blouse, scarf, purse – anything you love to wear.   Then select 3 key colours from the print (excluding neutrals such as white, black, etc.)  You will now begin to build a wardrobe from what you already own around those 3 colours.
  2. Now go through your closet and accessories to identify what you have in your 3 key colours and group everything into blazers, cardigans, tops, skirts and pants.
  3. Choose one cardigan or blazer.  One by one, try to pair tops with the cardigan/blazer.
  4. Find another cardigan or jacket that will work with the chosen tops.
  5. Select bottoms to work with all of the above.

Repeat the above until you have several items that work with each other.

Consider the example below; I chose the floral skirt as my inspiration and then pulled out everything from my closet that had the keys colours – blue, orange and green.

Colour combinations for yoru wardrobe

Separate out what doesn’t belong and put it in a separate place in your closet so they don’t get in the way of what easily mixes and matches.  At the very least, these items will go with basic neutrals such as black or navy pants or skirts, jeans, and so on.

pink arrow pointing to the right


Questions?  Let me know below and I’ll answer you here.  Or maybe you discovered another way to easily mix and match.  If so, please share.

Must You Have the Season‘s Latest “Must Have” Pieces

Fashion magazines and stores often encourage us to purchase the season’s latest “must have” pieces.

Here’s my take on that advice.

To begin, why should any one of us have a “must have” piece just because it’s in fashion.  Sure, if you are one of those women that needs to follow the latest fashion trends all of the time, then I suppose you must have the “must have” season’s pieces.  But just keep in mind, they are merely a marketing ploy to ensure you keep buying more clothes and accessories every season.

Having said that, of course you want to look current which is important to your image.  After all, you don’t want people saying:  “Where on earth has she been for the past 10 years ” (or more).

Bottom line:  Your goal should be to look stylishly put-together without needing to constantly buy things just because they are the latest fashion.

Fur, leather, shredded fabrics and knits were all over the Duy runway for Fall 2013  (Flare Magazine)

And what if the “must have” piece is something you simply don‘t like, want or need.  Take for example the fact that fur as fabric is (ugh!) once again in style for the upcoming 13/14 Fall & Winter season.

First of all, be careful because fur adds a lot of bulk, especially to a petite sized woman or a woman with a fine bone structure.

Or maybe you just don’t like faux fur.  Period.  So then don’t wear faux fur.  Period.  Why on earth should you wear something just because it’s in fashion and someone said you MUST have it!



Holiday Evening Basic Outfit Pieces

Create 4 Very Affordable Holiday Looks with a Few Simple Key Pieces

The Christmas season and another New Year are upon us.  If you’re attending a lot of parties over the next few weeks, you’ll probably want several different looks so you don’t show up looking like a “fashion repeat” at each event.

But what do you do if one party is more formal than another, or if the same people will be showing up at each party meaning that you need a new look for each event or if you simply don’t have the budget for all of the party clothes required.

Luckily there is a simple fix that will get you through the holiday season without spending any money or very little money.

First, go into your closet to pull out the following:

  1. Skirt – Pencil (straight) or A-Line (flared) or other skirt appropriate for your body type in a dark colour (black, navy, grey, plum)
  2. Dress Pants – Skinny, straight or wide leg (same colour as above and again appropriate for your body type)
  3. Simple Tops  – Tank, V-neck, wrap, or fine knit turtleneck (same colour as above)

So far you have a skirt, pair of pants and a top or two all in the same colour.

Now go into your closet for:

  1. Something that shines or sparkles such as a sequined vest or silver or gold cardigan, a cashmere sweater or other luxurious item made of satin, velvet or lace
  2. Shiny accessories such as scarves, belts, shoes and jewellery – these will help you easily change your look
  3. Anything else that strikes your fancy for the holiday season

Shoe jewellery is becoming very popular; you just clip it on any shoe to add a touch of glamour.  They can be found at The Bay and Town Shoes for much less than a pair of shoes.

If you don’t want to spend money and you’re missing something, borrow it from a friend or shop for less at a consignment store.  Only purchase the item if you will wear it frequently after the holidays.

Here are your 4 holiday looks you can easily create:


Look #1 – Sophisticated Evening

You can easily create the illusion of a LBD (Little Black Dress) by combining your same colour top and skirt.

The beauty of this is that you can get more mileage out of two pieces.  You can wear the skirt separately with a blazer for a business look or the top with dress pants, jeans and much more.

Don’t feel limited to black.  This look can also be achieved with a top and bottom in the same matching grey, navy, plum or other dark colour.

Be creative by mixing fabrics, for example, a black satin top and a black velvet skirt.  Tie your faux LBD together with a black patent belt with a silver or crystal buckle.

Add some glamorous jewellery and killer heels and you have a sophisticated evening look for the holidays.

Look #2 – After Hours Office Party

Remove your blazer, pull out your white shirt tails, add a statement necklace, sparkly vest or belt, swap your office heels for evening heels and add an evening bag to go straight from your office to the office party.


Look #3 – Girls Night Out

A simple way to change up your holiday look for a girls night out is to swap the dress pants for a pair of jeans – then add some dress heels, flats or booties and shiny or glittery jewellery.

Use your imagination, add your personality and you can’t go wrong.


Look #4 – Dinner Party

Depending upon the type of dinner party and formality, you can glam up your jeans, dress pants or skirt with your white shirt, black top or sparkly accessories.

Have fun creating your holiday party look!

Then report back … what’s your favourite fix for your holiday look?



Are you styled just from the neck up?

 I see it all the time – women who have a strict routine when it comes to going to their hair stylist every 6 weeks or so to have their hair cut and highlighted or dyed to cover their roots, yet they would never give a personal stylist a second thought.

Did you know it costs roughly the same to have your hair cut and coloured as it does for a session or two with a personal stylist?

The difference is that you don’t need to go back to a personal stylist every 6 weeks because a personal stylist, if he or she is worth any money, will teach you how to style yourself and how to maintain and update your wardrobe.

For sure, great hair is necessary but if you only style yourself from the neck up, then your total look will be compromised.  You need to consider everything from top to bottom – that means your hair, makeup, clothes, accessories and of course, your personal grooming.  Because there’s nothing worse than a great outfit but your nail polish is chipped or your hem is falling down.

So in about the same time it takes to get your hair cut, coloured and styled, you can learn how to:

  • wear your perfect styles
  • tackle your wardrobe for once and for all by creating a solid wardrobe strategy (I’m all about strategies)
  • shop for clothes and accessories with purpose (yes,  you need to shop with a shopping strategy)
  • get a perfect fit
  • and lots, lots more

Don’t be styled just from the neck up – style the rest of you (that’s the other 7/8th of  you!)  and make a total impression.  After all, when you look at a painting,  you look at the whole picture, right, not just the top bit of it.

Contact me to receive your free 20 – 30 minute style needs assessment; at the end of our conversation, you’ll know exactly the direction to take to be styled from head to toe.


eiffel tower fashion model

Paris, here I come!

Entre nous book coverI can’t wait to arrive in Paris exactly one month from today!

Site seeing, wonderful food, romantic cafe’s and of course, shopping.

This time in Europe, I plan to study how French women behave and dress, not just look at them in admiration.

Entre Nous: A Woman’s Guide to Finding Her Inner French Girl, does just that; it was written by an American woman, Debrah Ollivier, who lived in Paris for 10 years.  Following is a review of Entre Nous taken from

A French woman, Ollivier asserts, is decisive and self-possessed. She makes no apologies for saying “non”. She asks no one’s permission to exist. She knows what she wants and cultivates her inner self (what Ollivier calls her “inner garden”). She is more accepting of her body than are North American women. She is less self-conscious and more likely to flaunt her curves than apologize for them. She is suspicious of the North American frenzy for exercise regimes that result in too much pain and too little pleasure. The French woman is a sensualist; hedonistic; pleasure seeking. Her blood is, after all, Latin and bears none of the subconscious inhibitions most North Americans have inherited from the Puritans. She marches to the beat of her own drum and does not feel pressured into shaping herself into what other people consider sexy or beautiful.

Of course, there are many exceptions to the ideal Ollivier describes. Obviously Ollivier is writing about French women in general based on her own limited observations.

Nevertheless, her narrative successfully sheds some light on the French woman’s je ne sais quoi.

Ollivier’s witty deconstruction touches on the French woman’s views on everything from fashion, to body image, self-improvement, food, décor, family, sexuality, marriage and politics. An entertaining and enlightening read for anyone curious about French culture.

About a French woman’s fashion choices … from Entre Nous: A Woman’s Guide to Finding Her Inner French Girl

“If she can’t afford it, she won’t buy it. If it doesn’t fit (or make her feel good, or flaunt what she’s got), she won’t wear it. If she can’t find it, she won’t compromise. If she loves it, she won’t toss it. She reuses it, rethinks it, lets it age.

When a French girl shops, it isn’t a solitary act of buying something new. It’s part of a lifelong process of editing her environment, making small but meaningful additions to her home, her closet, her life.

When you shop like a French girl, you buy only one of anything – and make sure it’s the best quality you can afford.”


To me, this totally makes sense; tell me, what do you love about a French woman’s style?

What’s the point of hiring a personal stylist?

Have you been considering hiring a personal stylist thinking that nahhh, you can’t really justify one? Yet women do hire us – A LOT!

Experience as a personal stylist has shown me that women just like you are motivated to work on their style for one of three key reasons:


1.  Going through a significant life change:

  • transitioning from one decade to the next
  • getting older
  • going through menopause
  • returning to work after being a stay-at-home mom
  • preparing for a better job or promotion
  • dating again after a separation or divorce


2.  Lack of significant life change:

  • in a rut
  • bored wearing the same style for years (or all your life)


3.  Body Concerns:

  • overweight
  • a hard to fit body or body part(s)
  • body image


Whatever your reason for seeking out a personal stylist or image consultant, in the end, improving your style boils down to looking better which makes you feel better; in fact, your body language will instantly change which in turn will improve your body image and confidence.

It’s really that simple.

If you need help with your style, eMail me to set up your complementary style and wardrobe needs assessment.  It only takes 20 – 30 minutes of your time.  By the end of our conversation, you will know exactly what you need to do to meet your style goals.



Tell me … What would motivate you to hire a personal stylist?




Iris Apfel Fashion Icon & Interior Decorator

Are you a fashion copycat or do you have your own style?

young woman with long hair dressed in shorts, boots and scarfWhile shopping on Oxford Street in London last summer, I noticed that just about every woman under the age of 30 was dressed the same – long hair, short pants, boots and scarf.  Nobody stood out.  Everyone was simply wearing what was considered to be “in fashion” so that they could be fashionable. 

Dita Von Teese

Fashion is dictated (if you let it be) by what the models wore on the current seasons’ runway and what the magazine editors put on their magazine covers.

Personal style is all about expressing yourself  regardless of what’s in fashion.

Now that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t or can’t look modern or current. In fact, many image consultants will tell you that an outdated look could send out the message that you or your skills or experience are out of date.

It’s one thing to look out of date and another thing to “own a style” that is perhaps from another decade.  Dita Von Teese (pictured right) is a perfect example of a woman who can put together old Hollywood glamour like nobody else. 



Iris Apfel, fashion icon, in her Manhattan Apartment

Nobody does it better in my opinion than Iris Apfel.  An interior decorator who became a fashion icon because of her genuine, eclectic style, at the age of 90, Iris confidently expresses her style in her home and on her body as shown in the picture above.

Iris states that “People write to me: ‘You’ve changed my life!’” She pauses for a minute, bending over to adjust a passementerie-covered throw pillow before affirming, “I’m giving them permission to be individual again.” 

It’s rather perplexing, I think.  I mean, there are those women who love clothes and own dozens of pairs of shoes and as many purses, yet they insist upon putting themselves together exactly like the models on the magazine covers. 

Be your own woman; create your own style. 


It doesn’t have to be way out there like Iris Apfel if that isn’t YOUR style; maybe you want to be that girl-next-door who can put a T-shirt and jeans together like nobody else.  

Which is the point – Don’t copy, create your own signature style.