Happy New Year

Happy New Year, Happy New Stylish You

You don’t’ need to lose weight or tone up muscles to look stylish.  You need to know how to wear the right styles for the body you have now. No matter what your shape or size, when you wear an outfit that’s perfect for your body and personality, you’ll look and feel so much better. And […]

maxi skirt white grey dragonfly

New Looks for Your Maxi Skirts

I’ve seen the striped maxi skirt and denim jacket “put-together look” so many times, to me it looks like a uniform. Please Go Away Maxi Skirt & Denim Jacket Combo The denim jacket, an all American icon, became fashionable for women when it was worn by Marilyn Monroe. “Although Levi’s premiered a women’s jean jacket in the late ’40s, […]

Stacy London Love Lust or Run

Stacy London back on TLC

I was miserable when “What Not To Wear” ended.  I learned so much from my style guru.  So obviously I’m thrilled that celebrity stylist Stacy London has returned to TLC with a new makeover show.   Love, Lust or Run. Following is an excerpt from the TV show’s website: In every episode of “Love, Lust or Run,” women with […]


Why Doesn’t Anything Fit Me?

The Problem Isn’t Your Body. Do you ever wonder why you have a tough time finding clothes to fit?  It’s simple.  The majority of clothes aren’t made for the average women. Glance over the women’s clothes in the Bay, for example, and you’ll soon notice that the majority of the floor space is dedicated to average sizes […]

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6 Key Style Tips

6 Key Style Tips Regardless of your body shape, size or proportions, there are 6 key elements that apply to every woman who is looking for the perfect put-together look.   1.  Undergarments If everything about your outfit is right but your undergarments are showing, causing bulges or creating lines, then they will detract from your otherwise perfect outfit. […]

5 Steps to Create a Mix and Match Wardrobe

My clients often ask me:  “How do you know what to put with what?” My easy answer is this: Choose a piece of clothing or an accessory with a print that you love; it could be a blouse, scarf, purse – anything you love to wear.   Then select 3 key colours from the print (excluding […]

Must You Have the Season‘s Latest “Must Have” Pieces

Fashion magazines and stores often encourage us to purchase the season’s latest “must have” pieces. Here’s my take on that advice. To begin, why should any one of us have a “must have” piece just because it’s in fashion.  Sure, if you are one of those women that needs to follow the latest fashion trends all of the […]

Holiday Evening Basic Outfit Pieces

Create 4 Very Affordable Holiday Looks with a Few Simple Key Pieces

The Christmas season and another New Year are upon us.  If you’re attending a lot of parties over the next few weeks, you’ll probably want several different looks so you don’t show up looking like a “fashion repeat” at each event. But what do you do if one party is more formal than another, or if the same people will be showing up at each […]


Are you styled just from the neck up?

 I see it all the time – women who have a strict routine when it comes to going to their hair stylist every 6 weeks or so to have their hair cut and highlighted or dyed to cover their roots, yet they would never give a personal stylist a second thought. Did you know it […]

eiffel tower fashion model

Paris, here I come!

I can’t wait to arrive in Paris exactly one month from today! Site seeing, wonderful food, romantic cafe’s and of course, shopping. This time in Europe, I plan to study how French women behave and dress, not just look at them in admiration. Entre Nous: A Woman’s Guide to Finding Her Inner French Girl, does […]

What’s the point of hiring a personal stylist?

Have you been considering hiring a personal stylist thinking that nahhh, you can’t really justify one? Yet women do hire us – A LOT! Experience as a personal stylist has shown me that women just like you are motivated to work on their style for one of three key reasons:   1.  Going through a […]

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Are you a fashion copycat or do you have your own style?

While shopping on Oxford Street in London last summer, I noticed that just about every woman under the age of 30 was dressed the same – long hair, short pants, boots and scarf.  Nobody stood out.  Everyone was simply wearing what was considered to be “in fashion” so that they could be fashionable.  Fashion is […]

Casual to Evening Casual

It’s easy to go from casual to evening casual. There’s nothing more casual than a pair of jeans and a t-shirt but you can easily dress that basic look up just by adding your evening tops, shoes, purses, jewellery and more. Tops Wear tops that sparkle or shine. They add instant glamour to your outfit. […]

business professional

7 Tips to Dress UP ↑ to Attract Your Right Clients

Professional Appearance is a Choice Even if you aren’t a “suit person”, there are times, like when doing business (including networking and meeting a client for coffee),  you need to dress up to attract clients.  This choice is available to everyone regardless of what mother  nature gave you.  If you think about it, you have two choices, dress […]

Dress Up to Rev Up Your Profits

Dress Up to Rev Up your Profits If you don’t buy into what the image consultants say, now there’s scientific proof. According to a new study from Kellogg School of Management University, IL, USA, there is evidence to support the relationship between clothes and behaviour.  The report concluded that when people dress up for a role, […]

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Top 3 Wardrobe Tips

During a wardrobe detox, clients always hold up a piece of clothing to ask  me “What can I wear with this?” I look through their closet and find nothing. So I ask, “Why did you buy it?” They reply:  “Oh, I loved the colour” or “I felt sexy in it”. “Those are great reasons”, I say, “but […]

Sherrie Mathieson  Forever Cool  How to Achieve Ageless, Youthful and Modern Personal Style

Do I have to dress age appropriately?

Dressing in your 40s, 50s and beyond can be a challenge.  Even if you can fit into clothes from the junior department, it doesn’t mean you should wear them. Dressing in your mature years should reflect who you are at this stage of your life – perhaps experienced, professional, successful, intelligent, confident, skilled, talented and […]

Jeanne Beker Floral Printed Sleeveless Top

Over 50? Yes you can wear bright colours.

If you’ve been shopping in the malls the past few weeks, then no doubt you’ve noticed the bright colours of clothes and accessories that are this spring’s hot trend. If you’re over 50 (or maybe even in your 40s) and think you can’t wear these colours, you can.  Here’s how: Use only one bright colour in a small amount, for example, […]

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Say NO to Knock-Offs

Drag our Leaf Icon above to your taskbar to bookmark TGAM in Internet Explorer 9. Show me how Please don’t show me this again Remind me later Knock-offs, rip-offs, copycats, designer inspired or whatever you want to call them, they are the very cheap, very illegal copies of the real deal that are a designer’s nightmare. While you might think it’s fun to carry a knock-off Chanel […]

cluttered closet

4 Cost Effective Ways to Make the Most of Your Wardrobe

Women want the following out of their wardrobes according to a reader poll in the January 2012 edition of  In Style (page 12): 38% – look more put together 31% – wear more of what they have in their closet 17% – try new colours 14% – look edgier So how do you make that happen? Look Put-Together Looking put-together is […]

What’s Your Personal Style?

Have some fun and take the following quiz to discover your personal style.  Your first impulse will give you the most accurate answer so don’t dwell on any question too long. 1. If you could be given one honest compliment it would be: You look like you have it all together. You are down to earth […]

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This is what I can do for you.

Every woman wants to know how to wear the right outfit – the one that says this is sooooo me, makes you feel your absolute best, stylishly put-together, slimmer, younger, sexier or simply beautiful – the outfit that makes you feel perfect in your own skin and speaks volumes to the rest of the world […]

7 Secrets from a Personal Stylist

If you shop for an outfit with 5 different personal stylists, you’ll end up with 5 totally different outfits, guaranteed. But if those stylists know their stuff, you’ll end up with outfits that have the same basic design elements and principles that will give you an overall flattering silhouette.   Secret #1 –Lines & Shape Share […]

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Are those extra 10 pounds showing in the rear view mirror?

I’ve said it myself, I’m not going to buy a better fitting pair of pants until I lose 10 pounds.  It’s great to make resolutions to keep your weight under control, but what if that weight doesn’t come off. You don’t want to look like any of the women in these pictures, do you? Fit is […]

audrey hepburn in her little black dress with her cigarette holder

Style is Everything

Writing style. Speaking style. Leadership style. Fashion.  Art.  Architecture.  Athletics. Style is the way you say it, the way you do it, the way you live it. Sometimes it is an appearance. Sometimes it is an attitude. Style is the lighting of life. It accentuates, delineates, and conceals. At it’s best, style reflects the soul. -Style Statement, c 2008, […]

Marily Monroe Style Icon No Frame

Find Your Personal Style in 3 Steps

Personal Style isn’t about buying the latest fashions or spending lots of money on clothes and accessories. It’s about how you put together your outfits to express your personal style. Developing your personal style doesn’t happen overnight, however, for some, it comes easier than it does for others.  Some women “instinctively” know their style or “naturally” grow […]

woman looking in her closet for something to wear

What’s Lost In Your Closet

From time to time you clean out your closet.  During your cleansing ritual you make little discoveries that you forgot about – a pair of shoes in a dark corner, a blouse hanging under a jacket, a top you forgot you bought.   I once bought the same brown sweater twice.  How bad is that!   As […]

Proper Fitting Bra 2

5 Tips to Find Your Best Bra Fit

No matter how great the style or colour of your outfit, if it doesn’t fit properly, it won’t look great.  That includes under garments; a proper fitting bra can make or break the way you look up top. The goal is to have the fullest part of the bust sit halfway between your shoulders and […]