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New Looks for Your Maxi Skirts

I’ve seen the striped maxi skirt and denim jacket “put-together look” so many times, to me it looks like a uniform. Please Go Away Maxi Skirt & Denim Jacket Combo The denim jacket, an all American icon, became fashionable for women when it was worn by Marilyn Monroe. “Although Levi’s premiered a women’s jean jacket in the late ’40s, […]

Stacy London Love Lust or Run

Stacy London back on TLC

I was miserable when “What Not To Wear” ended.  I learned so much from my style guru.  So obviously I’m thrilled that celebrity stylist Stacy London has returned to TLC with a new makeover show.   Love, Lust or Run. Following is an excerpt from the TV show’s website: In every episode of “Love, Lust or Run,” women with […]


Why Doesn’t Anything Fit Me?

The Problem Isn’t Your Body. Do you ever wonder why you have a tough time finding clothes to fit?  It’s simple.  The majority of clothes aren’t made for the average women. Glance over the women’s clothes in the Bay, for example, and you’ll soon notice that the majority of the floor space is dedicated to average sizes […]

6 Key Style Tips

6 Key Style Tips Regardless of your body shape, size or proportions, there are 6 key elements that apply to every woman who is looking for the perfect put-together look.   1.  Undergarments If everything about your outfit is right but your undergarments are showing, causing bulges or creating lines, then they will detract from your otherwise perfect outfit. […]

5 Steps to Create a Mix and Match Wardrobe

My clients often ask me:  “How do you know what to put with what?” My easy answer is this: Choose a piece of clothing or an accessory with a print that you love; it could be a blouse, scarf, purse – anything you love to wear.   Then select 3 key colours from the print (excluding […]

Must You Have the Season‘s Latest “Must Have” Pieces

Fashion magazines and stores often encourage us to purchase the season’s latest “must have” pieces. Here’s my take on that advice. To begin, why should any one of us have a “must have” piece just because it’s in fashion.  Sure, if you are one of those women that needs to follow the latest fashion trends all of the […]

Holiday Evening Basic Outfit Pieces

Create 4 Very Affordable Holiday Looks with a Few Simple Key Pieces

The Christmas season and another New Year are upon us.  If you’re attending a lot of parties over the next few weeks, you’ll probably want several different looks so you don’t show up looking like a “fashion repeat” at each event. But what do you do if one party is more formal than another, or if the same people will be showing up at each […]


Are you styled just from the neck up?

 I see it all the time – women who have a strict routine when it comes to going to their hair stylist every 6 weeks or so to have their hair cut and highlighted or dyed to cover their roots, yet they would never give a personal stylist a second thought. Did you know it […]

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Paris, here I come!

I can’t wait to arrive in Paris exactly one month from today! Site seeing, wonderful food, romantic cafe’s and of course, shopping. This time in Europe, I plan to study how French women behave and dress, not just look at them in admiration. Entre Nous: A Woman’s Guide to Finding Her Inner French Girl, does […]