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“Style, unlike fashion, is personal.  It’s about the individual.  You have to know yourself in order to utilize style.”   Stacy London, Celebrity Stylist & Author, The Truth About Style

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You care about your style and you have an idea about what you want to wear and not wear. Even so, you repeatedly make the wrong choices buying things because you:

  • finally found something that fits
  • need something to wear right away for an occasion (wedding, party, dinner, BBQ, etc.)
  • can’t refuse a great sale

Working on your personal style is a commitment that takes effort on your part. Just like losing weight or committing to a workout regime.

This can be accomplished in one of two ways:

1. In person in your home working with your existing clothes. I’ll take you through a series of exercises and questions to help you define your personal style.

2. Online working through my “Claim Your Personal Style” e-course.  You will work at your own pace on your own time. 

The cost is the same, the results are the same, only the method is different.  

OPTION 1:  In Person

In your home using your clothes, I will take you through a series of exercises and questions. At the end of your in-home consultation, you will be able to articulate your personal style.

$190 – 2 Hour In-Home Consultation

OPTION 2:  e-Course

I created my simple yet powerful guide so you can define (or redefine) YOUR personal style using my step-by-step approach you work on at your own pace.  

I will be “by your side” the entire time via email, text and/or phone calls. My client in BC wrote:

You couldn’t have done much more being long distance … You’re very knowledgeable about what you do, you back it up with prompt response & details efficiently. You suggest tools as Pinterest along with labels. Only thing I would’ve preferred in my case on top off it all … was if I could have you come to my closet and help me put some outfits together but maybe I’m just asking you to hold my hand instead of having to do it by myself in the next few weeks, lol.
It was a pleasure Janice… and I’m looking forward to recommending your services to my female contacts in the Toronto area in the near future.
$190 – Consultation includes Claim Your Personal Style ebook,  4 x 30 minute phone calls to discuss your progress and answer all questions PLUS unlimited answers to questions via email or text.

Scarf by Princess & Dragon, Montreal

Regardless of which method you choose, you’ll understand your style in a way that enables you to always get it right, or at least most of the time. By getting it right, I mean being able to choose clothes and accessories that are perfect for your personality. 

You know that feeling when you get dressed and say:

  • This is SO me!
  • I feel perfect in this!
  • I never want to take this off!

That’s getting it right for YOUR STYLE!  Whether it’s romantic or dramatic, classic or creative, or something else, you’ll feel right in your skin. 


Audrey Hepburn, Classic Style Icon

A note about Fashion vs. Personal Style.

Fashion is about marketing “the season’s must haves” in stores and magazines. Fashion is an industry. Fashion designers design clothes each season, show them on the runways in the fashion capitals of the world, then hope people buy and wear them.

You feel you need to own fashionable items to look stylish.  So you copy the look only to feel somehow you got it wrong but you don’t really understand why.

Style is NOT about wearing the latest fashions; style is about putting pieces of clothing and accessories together according to YOUR style.  That’s the style you are about to claim as yours and yours alone.

Are you ready to claim your personal style? Let’s get started!

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