Goodbye Black. Hello Colour.

 “All colors are the friends of their neighbors and the lovers of their opposites”.  Marc Chagall, Artistlearn how to love wearing colour

I hear this often:

  • I don’t know how to mix and match colours.
  • I don’t know what colours look good on me. 
  • I don’t really have a favourite colour.

Wearing colour has many, many benefits.  

  • It can lift your mood.  
  • It can be fun to wear.  
  • Colour can pull your outfit together.
  • When worn correctly, colour can alter your silhouette by making you appear taller or slimmer.
  • The right colours worn close to your face can enhance your skin, eye and hair colour.  
  • Colour can make you appear fresher and younger.  

On the downside, colours worn incorrectly can make you look heavier, shorter, tired, pale or older.

colour dressMixing and Matching Colours

Clients often ask me “What colours can I wear with this?”  My answer is “any colour”.  

If you don’t believe me, just look at the colours used in printed fabrics and you’ll see just about every combination possible, including mixing warm and cool colours, brights and pastels, and so on.

Here are a few easy guidelines to help you add colour to your wardrobe:

  1. When starting out, work with only 3 or 4 colours in your wardrobe to keep things simple.
  2. Colours next to each other on the colour wheel work well together, for example, blue and purple.
  3. Colours opposite each other on the colour wheel make each other look more vibrant, for example, blue and orange.
  4. Stick with either warm (Spring & Autumn) or cool (Summer & Winter) depending upon which temperature flatters your skin tone the best.
  5. Colours on the outside of the colour wheel are bright and clear (pure); colours on the inside are muted because grey or black has been added.  Depending upon which looks better on you, stick with all pure colours or all muted colours.  (If you’ve had your “colours done”, Spring & Winter palettes are made up of pure colours, Fall and Summer palettes consist of muted colours.) 








How My Colour Consultation Works

I prefer to tackle the question “What colours look best on me?” when I work with clients during a wardrobe or personal shopping consultation.  I prefer this method because you get a much better feel for colour when wearing a complete outfit rather than a small piece of cloth draped around your shoulders with your hair pulled back and no makeup on.

As for seasonal colours and palettes, I no longer use them because understanding colour seasons is very involved (and not always accurate) which can be confusing to the client.  In the end, you go back to black.  

Besides, do you really care if you are a “Spring” or a “Summer” or flow somewhere in between two colour seasons? 

Because I know a lot about the theory and history of color seasons, I can give you insight about your past colour analysis and why it left you confused.

What you need to know is if you look better wearing warm or cool, clear or muted colours, for instance, and how to recognize the difference.  You also need to know if you suit low or high contrast colour palettes. 

If wearing colour is your priority, my colour consultation provides you with:

  • An overview of colour theory so you understand the basics of mixing and matching colours.
  • Selecting your best colours.
  • A review of the colours currently in your wardrobe, how you’re wearing them (or not wearing them), and how you could be wearing them to your advantage.
  • Knowledge to show you exactly how to use colours and patterns to work for your body shape, size and proportions.
  • Hands-on experience to mix and match colours and patterns.  This, by the way, is by far the biggest challenge for women who shy away from adding colour or pattern to their wardrobe.  
  • A personalized colour scheme. 

Colour Consultation – $190


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