Professional Image

In terms of your professional image, which choice is easier, A or B?

A.  Do nothing; instead, direct your energy trying to convince potential clients that you’re a professional in spite of your unprofessional appearance.

B.  Make the necessary changes to your appearance to project a professional image.


bus casualThe original intention of business casual dress in the office meant trading a suit for a more relaxed jacket and “mix and match” skirt or professional

But look around most offices and you’ll see that the “casual” aspect has taken over. Employees and professionals have forgotten that it’s business first, casual second.

The outfit on the left is sold at The Gap with the caption “effortless at the office”.  But there is nothing professional about this look.

The one on the right from Banana Republic is clearly professional.

You have a choice and the choice is obvious – dress like a professional. 

“Having a good public image makes friends, builds customer loyalty, attracts investors, motivates your staff, and helps you survive difficult economic times. A weak image is a liability that can cost you lost opportunities and can drive you out of business.” – Image Industry Council International

Looking professional doesn’t mean you have to wear your mother’s blazer.

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If  you want to  …

  • feel confident knowing how to dress professionally in your workplace
  • be recognized for looking like a professional
  • dress according to your brand
  • attract more clients, increase sales, get a better job or a promotion 


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