Humphrey’s – A New Shoe Store (and more) Brooklin, Ontario

For the past couple of months, Stephanie Humphrey has been working diligently around the clock to ensure everything is perfect for Humphrey’s Grand Opening on October 20, 2012.

If you live near the Hamlet of Brooklin (north of Whitby) you’ve no doubt driven by it, seen the sign, and wondered what’s it’s all about.

It’s about shoes, purses, tote bags,  scarves, wallets, and more!  But it’s for women only, sorry, so you won’t find anything there for children or men. Which is exactly the way it was intended.  Humphrey’s is a dream-come-true created by a very stylish corporate manager turned entrepreneur.

Humphrey’s will make your jaw drop.  When you walk into the store you will be transported, in Stephanie’s own words, into a Shoe Spa.  It’s inviting, relaxing, peaceful, comfortable and luxurious.  And, lucky for all women, a luxury you can afford.

The decor is fit for a fashion magazine.  Created by her very own unique passion for style and her imagination, it’s hard to believe that Stephanie didn’t enlist the help of a professional store designer or interior decorator.  That in itself makes the store all the more incredible.

Humphrey’s carries shoes, purses, totes and wallets from Anne Klein and Nine West not available in larger stores (like The Bay and Town Shoes);

San Miguel shoes from Mexico are so comfortable that you really must experience a pair (pictured left; they also come in black but I couldn’t resist the unique and funky multi-coloured stripe);

Everybody’s Shoes designed in Italy;

and so much more!

Visit Humphrey’s and discover something wonderful, something wonderful like, well, a shoe spa!

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