Styles for Your Body Shape, Size & Proportions

Body shape names range from a short list (Dress Your Best, Stacy London and Clinton Kelly) to as many as a dozen shapes (The Body Shape Bible, Trinny Woodall & Susannah Constantine).5 Body Shapes

There’s no need to label your body;  I can show you how to embrace and flatter your shape by choosing clothes that work for you!  No longer will you feel compelled to wear black, baggy clothes to cover everything up.

Colours, Fabrics & Prints – Style Magic for Your Body

stop wearing black



Women are drawn to wear black because they don’t have to worry about mixing and matching colours. They also believe it makes them look slimmer, which it can, BUT, so can colours worn the right way.

Colour used correctly can actually make you appear slimmer, taller and younger.   

If you have trouble using colour in your wardrobe, read more about my colour service here.


All fabrics have weight and texture which affects how they look on your body.  For example, lightweight fabrics drape and flow beautifully over curves, heavy fabrics will add inches. Fabrics such as faux fur or textured knits can be overbearing on a delicate, petite frame but look powerful and striking on a taller, larger woman. 

Learn how different fabrics can work for or against your style. 


Prints are marvelous design elements because they can direct the eye towards a good feature like a small waist or direct the eye away from a thicker waist.

Prints can confuse our eyes and make it difficult to focus on any one feature.  Prints are the perfect camouflage. They hide extra weight, bulges and dimpled skin.


A style consultation can be done either in your home using your clothes or in a store while I show you how to shop for clothes best suited to your body.

Fee – $190

Let’s get started! Style Your Body – $190

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