Wardrobe Strategy & Detox 

A:  Wardrobe Strategy

my wardrobe strategyWithout a wardrobe strategy, no matter how many times you clean out your wardrobe, it will eventually end up in the same condition: 

You’ll just end up with less clothes you don’t wear.

Let me create your personalized Wardrobe Strategy:

  1. Discover EXACTLY what clothes you need for your lifestyle.  (Hint: They aren’t the “10 Must Have Items” every woman should have in her wardrobe because every women is different and every woman has different wardrobe needs.)
  2. Learn what you need to shop for, if anything, to fill in the gaps in your wardrobe.
  3. Discover how to update your wardrobe from season to season to keep your look current.
  4. Understand how to get the most value from your wardrobe budget.


B:  Wardrobe Detox

What I’ve learned from the wardrobe consultations I’ve done over the years is this:  

Women tend to buy pieces of clothing (and accessories) without any thought as to how they will work them into their wardrobes. So they end up with the “I have nothing to wear” syndrome – Lots of clothes they are not happy about wearing.

If this sounds like you, I can help. 

Known in the Image Consulting industry as a Wardrobe Detox, a detox is a piece-by-piece process to determine if you should keep or re-purpose your clothes and accessories based on your:

  • Wardrobe Strategy (above)
  • Image
  • Personal Style
  • Body Shape, Size & Proportions
  • Fit
  • Flattering Colours
  • Ability to Mix & Match
  • Age
  • Budget

How the Wardrobe Strategy / Detox Consultation Works

During a Wardrobe Strategy / Detox consultation, I focus on the criteria above according to your specific wardrobe needs and goals; in other words, your session is customized just for you.

  1. Before we meet, your goals will be discussed so I can customize your consultation.
  2. I will email your customized consultation for your approval.
  3. Once you approve and your deposit is received, we’ll agree upon a time to meet.
  4. Before we meet, I will send you a detailed guide which takes you through the process of removing clothes and accessories you know you’ll never wear.  This happens prior to our appointment because there’s no point in spending time on things you have no intention of ever wearing.
  5. The consultation takes place in your home where we’ll go through your clothes and accessories.  We’ll talk about them in terms of your wardrobe strategy and pre-approved, written, customized consultation 
  6. The consultation is approximately 2 to 2 1/2 hours and costs $190 – 50% is due upon booking; the balance is due at the end of the consultation.
  1. Learn from the mistakes hanging in your closet so you don’t repeat them again. Less mistakes translates into MONEY SAVED.
  2. Eliminate frustration and stress getting dressed.
  3. Always have something to wear no matter what the occasion.
  4. Love your style!

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